Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything's Weirder in Utah

So Spencer and I, along with my family, left for Hatch, Utah last Thursday. We got here last Friday and jumped right into things! We had one of the family reunions on Saturday, then jumped into what we call the "Hatch Experience".

We haven't played in the 'creek' yet, but we did go down there. After hiking in the hills behind my great aunt's house, Spencer and I found some great skipping rocks and revisited the creek. We have also gone to Cedar City, Panguitch, the Red Canyon Indian Store and Bryce Canyon Visitor  Center. We went to Ferryland and the Tropic Reservoir. I caught a water snake there and Spencer held a snake for the first time (outside a boa constrictor in elementary school). We went to the local store Mugwumps, full off random things. We played at the tiny park, saw some deer, caught some fish at Pine Lake (which was extremely gorgeous! Between my uncle, dad, Spencer and I, we caught twelve trout!), and hiked to Mossy Cave! Niels, Nathan, my cousin and I hiked back through the stream to the water fall and we got some great pictures! Hopefully they will turn out since we took them with Nathan's old camera. But throughout this whole trip, we have gotten some great pictures! If I remember, I'll post them on here and/or facebook.

We are having a great time! We will be heading back on Sunday, driving the full 18 hours straight! We sure miss our Tori bear! I should have written a post for each day we have been here but I didn't. Shoulda coulda woulda. I hope everyone is having a great summer themselves!


Tandi said...

Tory missed y'all too. I'm there for an hour everyday and she sits in my lap the whole time.

Tandi said...
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Delirious said...

It was fun to see you all! I sure wish I would have had all of your energy, but I did get to go to some of those places. :)

Inklings said...

I was so glad we could all get together! It was great to see you guys and meet your sweet husband.