Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

Today was a wonderful day in our neighborhood! ;)

Spencer and I went fishing this morning. We didn't have any luck, but I did chase two fish in a small tiny little creek that ran off from a dam, and then another little tiny fish tried biting at my bait, but it was too small for the bait I was using and gave up. It was fun though! I love exploring! I heard what sounded like a tiny hammer and nails being hit into wood. I looked up, and it turned out to be a bird pecking at a tree! Nature... Then, thanks to my new water shoes!, I was able to wade through my little dam-run-off-tiny creek. :) It was a lot of fun for a little kid like me.

Then we finished up the last of the thank you notes and attempted to mail them. We were mailing ONE to Germany, and when we asked how much postage would be, the UPS teenage boys working told us that it would be $48. We were like.... "?!?! No.... You mean the international stamps that you place directly onto the envelope to mail this letter to Germany are $48??" ... "What?? I've never heard of international stamps...." Ugh little boy, nevermind, we are out of here!! (No I didn't tell him that...). So we went to Canyon Crossing, were FINALLY able to get everything straightened out and got to see what our floor plan looks like!! (Another "finally"). We are way excited!!

We took the thank you notes elsewhere, found out the stamps are only  .98 (that's more like it), and sent them off.  Then we bought soap for our new dispenser :), matching toothbrush holder and trash can included! lol

Things are great! Now we are just looking for jobs and getting ready for Utah and Dallas!!!!

Which reminds me... I am now the 14-15 yr old's Sunday School teacher, and I'm going to be out of town for three weeks!! I need to find a substitute!!!!

Until next time! <3 Maybe I'll post about Girly Girl Night this Saturday. :)

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