Thursday, August 19, 2010


I don't really have anything to blog about. Chances are, this post will be about everything and nothing at the same time.

Or maybe just nothing.

I colored a picture of a monkey! It was on the iPod that my loving honey gave me, since he has no need of it anymore ;) I love it, I have way too much fun with it. But there is a coloring app, and I zoomed in and saw that you could color the nostrils of the monkey. Naturally, if you can color something like nostrils different colors, nothing can be it's normal color! I also have an app where you can free hand draw, but it's a bit different than something like Paint. The background is black, and it's like coloring with light (?). So as I stared at the black background, I saw myself, and decided to try and trace it. It's become a new game I play with myself while I'm bored at work.

I got my oil changed. I planned on doing it myself (with the help of Spencer), but the drain plug was stripped and we couldn't get it off. So I took it in, had Bolton change the oil, and replace the drain plug. You just wait, Jackie, I'll change your oil next time. Three thousand miles later, and I will be an oil changing fiend!!!

"Ain't no stopping [me] now!" - McFadden and Whitehead.

I was really good at writing papers in English class. Length was never a problem for me, because I could expand and add detail to no end. Once, in 8th grade, we were given several different subjects, one at a time, and on each subject, we were given a time limit. We were told to expound upon that subject as much as we possibly could and see how long our paper was. I would love to go back and read that. I may even still have it, my mother keeps everything! I owned that paper. It was right up my alley. Everyone knows I talk way too much, once I get started. Another reason, dear Spencer, that I appreciate your patience with me. :) ♥

I can't  wait until I can visit my family in Utah and Kentucky. Chances are, Spencer will be coming with me, and everyone can meet him. :) I'm so lucky! I say that nearly every day to myself.

Things I'm thankful for: J. K. Rowling. Poptarts. Water. Music. Good friends and kind acquaintances. Extended family. And kind oil-changing people.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bugs and Letters

Lately, I have been sick with an infection, which caused a flare up of my mono. Gross. Disgusting. I've been very tired and fatigued for no reason, so I've been lazy. I'm getting better though, and that's exciting!

I came home one night and went into the bathroom and saw a caterpillar! It was black though, so I thought it might be a centipede/millipede (maybe I should find out the difference...), so I looked closer. But it was inching along, and didn't have any nasty legs, so it was a caterpillar. Of course, Lil' Samm coming out, I had to play with it! But I'd never seen one like that before so I decided to let it crawl on a square of toilet paper. I finally got it on and I carried it to the bathroom counter. I tried playing with it, trying to make it move like the pestering, evil child inside me (haha, evil child, oxymoron), but it wouldn't budge. I think it liked it's ride on the Toilet Pap-Air flight because it wouldn't let go after that. I'd hoped it'd still be there in the morning but it wasn't. Bye Mr. Caterpillar, have a good life, go be a butterfly and stay away from car windshields.

I also saw a straggler roach this morning outside. It was moving, but it had ants crawling around it, and I think it's legs were broken. I had pity for this evil enemy of mine, so I put it out of it's misery and squished it. I guess I can love my enemies.

I have a coworker that drives me crazy. I have actually drawn pictures of her earlier in my blog, which was not nice at all, and I thought about taking them down, but hey, it was good artwork! Anyway, I found an email I had written her. It was one of those situations where you "Write a letter when you are angry, then stick it in a drawer and go to bed. If you still want to send it in the morning, then do." and I didn't want to send it the next day. However, I went back and read this. This letter was from a year ago tomorrow. August, 11, 2009. Everything I wrote still applies, if not more so, and things have just gotten worse. A year later, and I still want to send it. However, I won't, because it's mean, and it's not even everything I'd want to say. Like I said, things have just gotten worse. That's what I call ridiculous. I better leave that subject alone or I'll start saying things that aren't nice and regret it later.

We had a thunderstorm yesterday. It was an odd day yesterday... But anyway, I was staring out the window, and it was really dark and cloudy, then I realized it was about to storm. (My favorite!) Our drive thru is covered, but I was watching the sidewalk on the other side. It was at such an angle that it was reflecting a white truck, so with every drop, (and they were big drops!!), it looked like someone was painting the sidewalk white. I was so engulfed in this version of the rain, that I only barely noticed the rapidly flashing lightning. All of the sudden, there was a big cracking BOOM! that echoed throughout the bank and the drive-thru that nearly scared my pants clean off! I really enjoy thunderstorms. :) ♥

Things I'm thankful for: Butterflies. Thunderstorms. Spencer. Music. Love for enemies, and I don't mean roaches this time. My family. My friends. Shayla, who I'll miss way too much. And crab-stuffed shrimp. :) ♥

Monday, August 2, 2010


I'ts been a very long weekend. Well, week, really. I had been very fatigued for no reason, and short of breath for a while.Then Tuesday, I came down with a fever. I got rid of that on Thursday, but had a lingering sore throat, and continuous fatigue and shortness of breath. I took Tuesday through Friday off from work, but when in on Saturday. I saw a doctor. (That was an obnoxious ordeal that I don't really feel like repeating. No need to bring up past irritation). I don't have strep, but I'm going in tomorrow ofr a mono test. I've had mono before, but I think this is another....bout, so to speak.

Saturday was one of the busiest Saturday's in a while. Usually, we'll have about twenty transactions on a normal Saturday. This particular day, we had about forty. Today has been one of the busiest Mondays I've had in a long time. A normal weekday, each person will have around fifteen, maybe twenty. Two of our employees are out. One on vacation and one with a sick baby, so both my coworker and I are working a ten hour day, with no break. (We can eat lunch, but if a client comes, we have to help them, so it doesn't really count as a break.) A normal transaction count for me right now would be about twenty-five. Maybe thirty if we got busy. Currently, it's at sixty-one with another two and a half hours to go before we reset the counter. Then another two hours of work after that. If I didn't have a reason to feel fatigued before, I definitely do now. I'm exhausted, and it's only 1:30.

However, thanks to my dearest Spencer, this has not been an unbearable week. Anything I have ever needed, he got for me. Nothing has really sounded good to eat, so it's been difficult eating without getting nauseous. So when I would finally pinpoint the foods that sounded tasty at the time, Spencer was already in the car on the way to the store to get it for me. On top of which, he's made boring sick days fun! I wanted Club Crackers, and he got the Easy Cheese whiz stuff, whatever, to go on them. So we've had fun, making sandwiches out of the crackers and cheese, spelling words and names, and I ♥ U in them. We've also played a countless number of card games, primarily Gin, and watched TV and movies out the wazoo. He even put up with hours of Spongebob for me, which is pure love right there. He would make my meals for me so I wouldn't have to get up, retrieve drinks if I got thirsty, and stayed home with me anytime he could.

Of course, in two weeks, when he is sick with whatever I have (if it's not mono) then I will be doing the same for him. No doubt about it :)

I've been thankful for a lot of things this week, but today's thanksgiving goes solely to Spencer.
Thank you sweetheart for all you do for me. I love you!