Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bugs and Letters

Lately, I have been sick with an infection, which caused a flare up of my mono. Gross. Disgusting. I've been very tired and fatigued for no reason, so I've been lazy. I'm getting better though, and that's exciting!

I came home one night and went into the bathroom and saw a caterpillar! It was black though, so I thought it might be a centipede/millipede (maybe I should find out the difference...), so I looked closer. But it was inching along, and didn't have any nasty legs, so it was a caterpillar. Of course, Lil' Samm coming out, I had to play with it! But I'd never seen one like that before so I decided to let it crawl on a square of toilet paper. I finally got it on and I carried it to the bathroom counter. I tried playing with it, trying to make it move like the pestering, evil child inside me (haha, evil child, oxymoron), but it wouldn't budge. I think it liked it's ride on the Toilet Pap-Air flight because it wouldn't let go after that. I'd hoped it'd still be there in the morning but it wasn't. Bye Mr. Caterpillar, have a good life, go be a butterfly and stay away from car windshields.

I also saw a straggler roach this morning outside. It was moving, but it had ants crawling around it, and I think it's legs were broken. I had pity for this evil enemy of mine, so I put it out of it's misery and squished it. I guess I can love my enemies.

I have a coworker that drives me crazy. I have actually drawn pictures of her earlier in my blog, which was not nice at all, and I thought about taking them down, but hey, it was good artwork! Anyway, I found an email I had written her. It was one of those situations where you "Write a letter when you are angry, then stick it in a drawer and go to bed. If you still want to send it in the morning, then do." and I didn't want to send it the next day. However, I went back and read this. This letter was from a year ago tomorrow. August, 11, 2009. Everything I wrote still applies, if not more so, and things have just gotten worse. A year later, and I still want to send it. However, I won't, because it's mean, and it's not even everything I'd want to say. Like I said, things have just gotten worse. That's what I call ridiculous. I better leave that subject alone or I'll start saying things that aren't nice and regret it later.

We had a thunderstorm yesterday. It was an odd day yesterday... But anyway, I was staring out the window, and it was really dark and cloudy, then I realized it was about to storm. (My favorite!) Our drive thru is covered, but I was watching the sidewalk on the other side. It was at such an angle that it was reflecting a white truck, so with every drop, (and they were big drops!!), it looked like someone was painting the sidewalk white. I was so engulfed in this version of the rain, that I only barely noticed the rapidly flashing lightning. All of the sudden, there was a big cracking BOOM! that echoed throughout the bank and the drive-thru that nearly scared my pants clean off! I really enjoy thunderstorms. :) ♥

Things I'm thankful for: Butterflies. Thunderstorms. Spencer. Music. Love for enemies, and I don't mean roaches this time. My family. My friends. Shayla, who I'll miss way too much. And crab-stuffed shrimp. :) ♥

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