Thursday, August 19, 2010


I don't really have anything to blog about. Chances are, this post will be about everything and nothing at the same time.

Or maybe just nothing.

I colored a picture of a monkey! It was on the iPod that my loving honey gave me, since he has no need of it anymore ;) I love it, I have way too much fun with it. But there is a coloring app, and I zoomed in and saw that you could color the nostrils of the monkey. Naturally, if you can color something like nostrils different colors, nothing can be it's normal color! I also have an app where you can free hand draw, but it's a bit different than something like Paint. The background is black, and it's like coloring with light (?). So as I stared at the black background, I saw myself, and decided to try and trace it. It's become a new game I play with myself while I'm bored at work.

I got my oil changed. I planned on doing it myself (with the help of Spencer), but the drain plug was stripped and we couldn't get it off. So I took it in, had Bolton change the oil, and replace the drain plug. You just wait, Jackie, I'll change your oil next time. Three thousand miles later, and I will be an oil changing fiend!!!

"Ain't no stopping [me] now!" - McFadden and Whitehead.

I was really good at writing papers in English class. Length was never a problem for me, because I could expand and add detail to no end. Once, in 8th grade, we were given several different subjects, one at a time, and on each subject, we were given a time limit. We were told to expound upon that subject as much as we possibly could and see how long our paper was. I would love to go back and read that. I may even still have it, my mother keeps everything! I owned that paper. It was right up my alley. Everyone knows I talk way too much, once I get started. Another reason, dear Spencer, that I appreciate your patience with me. :) ♥

I can't  wait until I can visit my family in Utah and Kentucky. Chances are, Spencer will be coming with me, and everyone can meet him. :) I'm so lucky! I say that nearly every day to myself.

Things I'm thankful for: J. K. Rowling. Poptarts. Water. Music. Good friends and kind acquaintances. Extended family. And kind oil-changing people.


Amber said...

that app sounds fun! I've found a lot of those coloring things online, I like to do the holiday ones around thanksgiving and halloween and christmas. Remember in elementary school when your homework pages were always themed around the holidays, I loved that.

Also, can I just say that I think it's sooooo cool how mechanical you and Laura all, I love that you both aren't afraid to work on cars, it's awesome. You're both like modern day Rosie the Riveters! ;>

Samm said...

:) :) :)

I love those colorin pages too!