Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Failures and Triumphs

Failure: It has been about a month, if not over a month, since I have last posted.

Triumph: I am posting now.

Failure: I'm taking Fitnes and Wellness class online. I missed the first quiz that the teacher didn't mark on the calendar, the first test because I missed the first quiz, and then the first discussion because I didn't know it was due at 5pm instead of midnight. Who makes their school work due at 5pm?!? This irked me, but I'm trying to go the extra mile in this class now so that she knows I didn't just skip it because I didn't feel like it, but they were honest mistakes and miscommunications on both ends of this Failure.

Triumph: I have issues with a coworker and have made reference to her several times. We all got along. She was walking over everyone and I got tired of it so I stood up for myself. This coworker started hating me. Another coworker realized that I have more fun than they do because I don't put up with this little girl's junk, so she started standing up to her too. My side of this arguement is fair for everyone, whereas Devil Coworker is only looking out for herself. The Triumph: the last coworker standing is now crossing over to my side. Devil Coworker thinks that she can control everyone's schedule now, and Teetering Coworker isn't liking that, not one bit, and she sees that she doesn't have to get walked all over either. When Teetering gets off of vacation, she is going to talk to Momma and Daddy Boss and work out this childish behavior with Devil. Woohoo!!! After two years of putting up with her junk, something better  get done!

Failure: I eat out way too much and have gained 10 pounds, mostly in the Love Handles Area. I'm taking kickboxing, but it's kicking my butt because of how out of shape I am. Soon, however, I will be back in shape and I will hopefully forever kiss my LHAs goodbye!

Triumph: After two real kick boxing classes, not just warm ups and learning techniques, while laying on my stomach, I can't grab my LHAs! Sitting down, and especially curled up is a way different story. Sooo progress!

Failure: Batch fumbled the ball... Batch... fumbled... Baron Batch... Belated Beast Baron Batch....fumbled. I suppose that term doesn't make sense, but it sure alliterated my world.

Triumph: We stomped UNM 52 -17. Also the trip to NM was a blast Ton O Fun! I really enjoyed seeing my aunt and uncle again, and new scenery! I just wish we had a little bit more time there.

Things I'm thankful for: A loving family, not just immediate but extended. Jack Johnson. Jack Sparrow. Brian Duncan "Donuts!". Sparkly things and my one and only Spencer. ;) People who are considerate and courteous. Ice. Tents. Pedometers, even though the bulge gets old. Cheese, in every sense of the word. Coloring books, kites, and butterflies :)

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