Friday, September 24, 2010


I've made a huge mistake. (Quoting Arrested Development, btw)

If my life were compared to a hard drive... [||||||||||||||||||||]|||||||||||||

Notice where my capactiy line ends.

Two callings in the church on top of visiting teaching,
I can handle that.
Being engaged to a wonderful man who is sweet, but it feels like I'm dragging along to help me in the planning (95% of women who are engaged can attest to this) but
I can handle that.
Being in a family with 4 siblings, 3 of which are married, two of which have children, having to keep up with birthdays and spending time with each if I can,
I can handle that.
Taking 6 classes this semester, each teacher thinking that their class is the only one I'm taking and therefore can devote all of my time to that one and only class, which is duly correct seeing as how their class is the most important one of all time anyway.
I can handle that.
Working as close to 40 hours as I can, but only managing 30 hours, while having to put up with controlling, sometimes incompetent, and lazy coworkers, some of which come in smelling strongly of alcohol which stinks like nothing else
I can handle that.
Having to keep up with friends, of whom I don't get to see much at all of, and my best friend moving to Utah so I don't even have her as an outlet for anything
I can handle that
Having to deal with the fact that I've gained a good amount of weight, especially around the middle, have horrible eating habits, and need to start consciously eating healthy foods, while trying to find time in my schedule to work out.
I can handle that.
Trying to be a an avid sports fan, watching as much NCAA as myself, and Spencer, can cram into my brain, which is highly enjoyable, but now all my Saturdays are football filled.
I can handle that.

When it comes to trying to do all of these things together.

I don't know if I can handle that, and I am stressed out of my mind.

I know the solution. I know what needs to be done. The only thing is, adding ANOTHER thing to do, even though it will relieve all of my stress, stresses me out.


Hannah said...

I understaaaaand!

But all I'm saying life after marriage was significantly less stressful than when I was engaged.

Just can't last forever.

And read this:,5232,23-1-947-2,00.html



Delirious said...

I read that if you give up soda, you can lose 8 pounds in one year! :) Also, eating out is usually the main reason people gain weight. Don't know if you do, I'm just sayin.... :)

Samm said...

No no, Delirious, that is EXACTLY why I've gained wait! I just need the willpower to get back to eating well! I keep trying to get Spencer to do it with me, but I think that's where I go wrong. I just need to put on my big girl panties and do it myself!

And thank you Hannah! I know it will, but it's hard to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it's pitch black you know? But knowing that you've been "through this tunnel" and you are "in the light"... it helps :)

Amber said...

I recommend chocolate and caffeine - the combo gives me huge energy bursts and makes me happy ;) Hang in there - it totally is stressful planning a wedding (I got my first migraine planning mine) but it'll all be over before you know it and it's totally worth it :)