Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You've Got a Friend In Me

So first, I have this new design, but I have some crazy ideas that are going to take me a while to do, so don't get too used to this one! :) Okay, now to the main event.

Shayla Crooks just left for Utah a few days ago. She reports to the MTC on June 29th for her mission in Can't-Pronounce-It, Guatemala! I'm so excited for her! But I'm going to miss her so much, so in her honor, I dedicate the rest of this post.

We met at girls camp when we were 12 years old. I don't really remember a whole lot in those early days except that I thought she was cool, and it was nice to have someone my age to hang out at camp with. She was from 2nd Ward, so I didn't really see her all that often, being in 1st Ward.

Then when we turned 14, we went to seminary together. This being at 6:30 in the morning, and Shayla being Shayla, this wasn't the greatest of times. She has a very loud personality, and that was a bit much for me that early in the morning. So I "put up" with her. lol Boy was I missing out!

Then we were sophomores. The highlight of our friendship, and Shay would agree I think. I was scrambling a bit because I didn't have that many friends at Monterey in the beginning. The main issue being where to eat lunch and who to eat it with. I tried a few groups out, but then I re-met Shayla and Hannah. They had been friends in junior high. We had several classes together, even after my crazy schedule finally settled, and we became best friends. We walked to Shayla's house for lunch nearly every day. We had great times! Crazy English projects, odd food combinations that are classics now, unforgettable walks to and from Shayla's house... the list goes on! I think this was the year that biff originated. We use it as...anything! Good, bad, noun , verb, adjective, or even just an exclamation. "Ah biff! I totally biffed that..." We use it to this day! Along with some other people in our high school who caught on lol.

Then our junior year came around... Hannah and I had a little ...okay, big... conflict, and divided our friendship. To get a little juvenile, although I was clearly the victim, Hannah seemed to be playing the pity card to me, and all of our friends hung out with her. Since I wasn't welcome where she was, I was left alone. Shayla later told me that she hung out with Hannah because she thought I would be able to land on my feet and make new friends. I'm not sure how this sounds through text, but if it sounds bad, it wasn't. It made sense to me, and was glad she explained when she did. She didn't stop being my friend either, like some might have. I'm sorry to have put Shayla in that position to where she felt like she had to choose, so it was really my own fault.

Booooooo!!! Junior year was stupid! Let's skip to the better year! SENIOR!!!! Being too forgiving in some people's eyes, Hannah and I became friends again at the beginning of the next year. I don't really remember talking anything out, I just remembered being sick of being immature adolescents. I know how much she had felt bad for what had happened, and I missed my two best friends. I remember going and sitting by them, her taking it as "apology accepted", and moving on with life. Things were never quite the same, but we still had amazing times! Especially with Shayla and I. We were never closer before than our senior year. I wish I had time and room to share every good experience I had with Shay, but it wouldn't do it justice anyway.

Then after high school, I think we grew apart a little. Not in our relationship, but we just didn't make time to see each other outside of church anymore. I started dating guys more seriously and I just didn't make time, like a fool. After a kind of nasty breakup, I decided to change that. We started scheduling girl's nights every Wednesday. We had a blast!!! We've had food fights and made music videos. We've painted our faces way too many times, but still not enough. We have had a kids night and a spy night, a murder mystery night and a modeling night (maybe two... lol). All of these pictures can be found on facebook!

Most importantly, I don't know where I would be without Shayla Crooks. She has been my lifeline so many times that I can't even count them. She has always been there for me. When I had a nasty break-up, she carried me until I was back on my feet. When I made a mistake, big or small, she was there to listen, not judge, and forgave me every time. When I got married, she was there for anything I needed, along with several other amazing friends who helped out. Even when she didn't even know I needed her, she was there. The times that I felt the most alone in this world, she was there to remind me that I wasn't, not even close.

I could go on about amazing this woman is, but I won't. This Disney loving fiend will always be remembered and welcome in the Rogers house, and I wish her the best of luck in Guatemala! I'm very excited for her, but not as excited as I am for the people of Guatemala! I'm so overwhelmingly proud of her!

Food Fight!!

Jumping on the bed in NYC!

Detective Murder Mystery Night

Rock n Roll Girls Camp

Guys Night

"Sprite" Party!

"Last" Girls Night

Valentine's Dance

Wonder Woman Shayla Crooks!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, my first public attempt at a banner. I'm not very good with this sort of thing. The only "picture editing" software I use is Paint. Yeah, Paint. I took a class on photoshop and graphic design but it was dumb and I feel like I didn't learn anything.

I wish I had more to say about that. It's been a really long, really odd day. Spencer and I aren't fighting, but there are a few things that I have been less than happy about today. I'm just wallowing in it until I can decide whether I am overreacting or not.

I am babysitting my neice, Tamra, this week. And next week, if this week goes well. She is spunky and very feisty. She is an extremely smart girl, but this can mean she can be a handful at times! lol

I made Spencer Angry Birds cupcakes last night. Baking the cupcakes only took 30 mins to prepare and bake, another little while to cool, maybe 30-45 minutes to frost them, then another 2 hours, roughly, to decorate them. I used to work at Mrs. Fields, but I was too young to be made any kind of shift manager, so I never got the chance to decorate the big cookies, even though I have the know-how and the just. I just lack the experience. Here's a picture of them.

That's all I have for you today. Time to keep on keepin' on!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Beginnings

I am married! My name is Samantha Rogers and I am starting over. I've decided to take all labels off. This time, anything goes, which is how it should be. This is not a journal, this will not include any marathons, just me and whatever I care to share. Caring is sharing and sharing is caring. :)

I'm excited to start my life as a wife! So welcome to my neighborhood! Won't you be my neighbor?

Always remember, "Kindness is love with its workboots on."

I really enjoyed this morning. I took my book to the apartment pool, took a short dip, then laid out while reading Redeeming Love. I'm not very far, but it's a good book so far! Sad, but getting happier. It was a beautiful morning! I am so blessed to be able to happily partake of the sun and have cool, fresh, and clean water available for my pleasure and leisure! How are you blessed today?