Monday, January 10, 2011

Mrs. Rogers

I have engagement-itis. I'm ready to be married already. I was ready in December, but the wedding wasn't, and neither was his family, seeing as how they were attending another family member's wedding. There were many contributing factors to why we changed the date of the wedding, and we are glad we did in almost every sense. We are just ready to start our lives together. I'm sick of having to go home at night, when I'd rather already be home. Right now, we spend all of our freetime together, but when I have to leave, it feels like I'm going to stay at Nana's house. Still family! But not really home, anymore. Spencer is my home. But not yet!, why? Because we aren't married yet.  I don't know. It's not that far away now, but we're just ready.

Anyway, I got a new email address and a Twitter account. I know, I never wanted to but here I am. Both under the name of Samantha Rogers, or missesrogers. (That's my Twitter, follow me! ;) )

Anyway, there is the BCS National Championship game tonight. Oregon vs Auburn and I am way excited! Not only for the game, but also because I am throwing my first of many football parties. I know Spencer won't initiate it because he doesn't know what I want, and that boy nearly always does what I want. It's not really fair. So, in order to make up for it, I do things like throw a Bowl watching party. I'm homemaking buffalo wings, he's making queso, and we both already made salsa (which is currently in the fridge, marinating into a spicy frenzy that would clear anyone's sinuses.) For Christmas, I got him a Texas Tech football helmet serving dish that we are both psyched to use. It's going to be great!

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