Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogger Marathon!!

This thing is dusty and full of chirping crickets!!

My life is full of phases. When I was a kid, it was hot pink and purple matching sweatpants. When I was in junior high, baggy pants and refusing to wear makeup. High school was decent clothes to look neither flashy nor bland, and never go out the door without makeup on.

I feel like this blog has done that too. "Write everyday!" "Write when something important happens." "Have I not written this month?" "I should probably write.....tomorrow."

So! To get me back in the blogging spirit, I'm starting a project! If there is never a deadline, I eventually fall off that wagon. But if there is an end in sight, I will diligently do things as needs be.

I'm calling it my Blogger Marathon.  Once a week, I will be posting information and tips on eating healthy and exercising right! I plan on coming up with easy, short routines that you can do daily; healthy, easy recipes that will make you the best You-version; and some scientific fitness facts that you may not have known!

I'm going to start out by doing this for 3 months (roughly 12 weeks). My first post will be next week, and my last will be the last week of May. (No, this does not accidentally coincide with my wedding week).

This is the minimum. If I feel so inclined to do more in a week, I might, so look for special Bonus Posts!!

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