Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July

It's been a long weekend. Great!, but long.

Spencer and I left Friday night for Mesquite (Dallas). I got off work, we went to my brother's birthday party, and took off a little early to hit the road. It was a great weekend! We saw a firework show, his brother's girlfriend's family put on another fireworks show for us, after we ate way too much food there. We also played volleyball, and catch, wherein I received a small bruise on my hand that didn't feel so small. Then Monday, we just relaxed all day and watched movies with his parents.

I'm pretty tired, though. This blog will probably be very short. I'm at work now, extremely thirst because I forgot my water today.

I don't even have any random thoughts today. That should tell you how tired I am!

I am thankful for making it to and from and around Mesquite and Dallas safely. I'm thankful for poptarts. I'm thankful for Spencer, movies, music, iPods, and Rosa's.


Delirious said...

I'm glad you blogged because I couldn't remember which one was yours! lol

Spencer Rogers said...

im glad youre enjoying the iPod! love you sweetheart!

Sammandsuch said...

haha I'm glad too

and I'm glad to you too! I love you!