Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Warning: Tear-Jerker!

Say boo boo!

So not much has been happening lately, therefore no posts for a while. However, someone got onto me today for not posting so, just for you babe!

Speaking of which, last night, we had a small arguement where we were just constantly snapping at each other. At the end of the night, we gave each other a forced hug, but the longer we held on, the more real it became, until we both realized how stupid this arguement was, and how it wasn't worth it. That's another reason how I know. ♥ I think of these kind of hugs as Healing Hugs. Not sure why, Peace Hugs probably fits better, but it's not as... alliterating. :)

On Tuesday, we had a substitute in Institute (those two words should never be in the same sentence, *whew* but I very well couldn't say sub in In because you wouldn't have known what I was talking about.) She told us these two particular stories that I feel like sharing.

She was doing laundry one day, and was overwhelmed. It felt like she had done twenty loads, when in reality, it was probably only five. She had each folded and placed neatly in the laundry baskets, waiting to be put away. She soon heard two of her little boys giggling loudly, and saw that they were taking this laundry and throwing it over the balcony. She then described her frustration by telling us how she felt like throwing her boys over the balcony. After a long-described mental battle of, "Which lesson should I teach my children this time?", she decided to teach them about kindness and she hugged them both. Now that is a woman.

The other story I wanted to share got me all teary-eyed. I apologize to those in that class reading this if I get the details wrong. There was a woman who had cancer twice over. This lady was pregnant. It was a baby boy. This lady had other wild boys, but this one was the craziest. He was kicking his feet and just being so lively in there. I can't remember if it was because of the cancer she had prior to the pregnancy, but this baby boy did not have a skull. This mother's body was weak due to the two times of cancer, but she was always joyous when her baby boy was constantly moving because it showed that he was still alive. She was in Italy at the time and had to fly back to the United States because in Italy, those babies were automatically aborted. She decided that, although this baby would not live, because he did not have a skull, she at least wanted him to have a few hours here on earth. So she had this baby. She couldn't be put under anything because any type of drugs or anything would harm the baby. He had to come out feet first because he didn't have a skull. So not only did he come out the hard way, but this mother had to deliver the hard way as well, feeling every ounce of pain, especially with her cancer-weakened body. All, so that her baby boy could live for a couple of hours in this world, which he did. Now that is a woman.

Now a story about me that makes me look like not such a woman and more like a little girl. I was in the bathroom last night and I heard this mosquito. I tried killing it several times and failing. I went around the corner to where our toilet and bathtub is, and saw a humongous daddy long leg spider. I told this spider, "Now see here! I'm not going to kill you, but you have to kill that mosquito, deal? And if you even think about coming in my room, I'll kill you." Then I went to wash my hands and face, take out my contacts and get ready for bed, when I heard the mosquito right behind me. I think it got me on my shoulder. So, naturally, I grab the closest aerosol can, which happened to be hair spray, and sprayed the crap out of the bathroom. If I couldn't breathe, I know that 'skito couldn't either.

Random thoughts for the day: I love lightning. There was a lightning show yesterday. I don't know if it brought any rain, but it was very pretty. Also, I'm thinking about redo-ing Personal Progress all over again, now that I can actually appreciate it. Not that I didn't then, I just was thinking back and I can't remember very much about it at all! Also, I finished my butterfly puzzle last night. It was missing two pieces :( A 1000 piece puzzle in the shape of a butterfly, with butterfly shaped pieces. It was ridiculous. Took me weeks to finish.

Things I'm thankful for: Ice. Water. Rain. Green!! Things that make me laugh. Music. Being prepared for the future.


Spencer Rogers said...

ooooh, i just love you!

Sammandsuch said...

well I just love you!

Amber said...

I've thought about doing personal progress again too, and the camp stuff, it's just fun to do. You should check out The Daring Book for Girls, it's pretty cute and has a bunch of projects and stuff to do. It's for kids but it's still fun :)