Sunday, June 20, 2010

Short and Sweet

Well, I forgot to write for a few days now. Whoopsy Daisy! If I ever get sick, I think daisies would most surely make me feel better. :) They are such a happy flower, I think they would make anyone feel better.

I went to church, it was 98 degrees. As I was sitting in the last hour, it started pouring down rain and thunderstorming (thunderstorming? Surely that's a word). I love thunderstorms and such, but I wasn't really looking to play in the rain today, so as I was running from my car to my house, I -whacked- my knee on the door. It hurt so badly!

I got two callings at church today! It's so exciting! I am now the Relief Society Enrichment coordinator, and the ward music chairman. So we'll see how this goes! Should be a lot of fun.

Random thoughts for the day:I get distracted oh so easily. Too easily. I like calendars where you have to take each day off, and each day has a quote or saying, maybe a picture. They are so much fun!

Things I am thankful for: Shish kabob, Spencer, who's willing to go out in the pouring rain to pull the car around for me so I don't have to get soaked as well, and a spot at the dinner table.

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