Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paint the Sky With Stars

I really enjoy Enya. I'm listening to her music right now. Not only is it relaxing to listen to, but relaxing to play on the piano.

A man came through our bank today. He puts his check and license in the canister and sends it up. He then leans forward, exasperatedly and starts rubbing his face. You can just tell that this guy has had a really hard day. Then I had to take off my Samm hat, and put on my Teller hat. This is a policy that I don't like, and that I can't apologize for, (which you know I apologize for everything...) If you don't have an account with my bank, and the check is over fifty dollars, we charge a seven dollar fee. I asked him if he had an account and if he knew about the fee. He said no to both questions and started laughing. Now, there are a few reasons why a person would laugh in this situation. 1) He didn't hear me and was laughing at a joke he heard on the radio. Not likely. 2) In his opinion, the seven dollar fee is so ridiculously high, that it is humorous. Possible. 3) He had such a bad day today, that of COURSE something would go wrong at the bank. Of COURSE there would be a fee, and not a single thing, not even as simple as going to the bank, could go right today. I felt a lot of sympathy for this man. I thought I was having a not-good day today. I can only imagine what happened to this man today to make him laugh like that. I found myself thinking of ways to make this man's day better, and coming up short.

He definitely needed a sucker. Too bad my bank doesn't provide this location with such a luxury... I suppose I could have drawn a big happy face on his envelope... but when you are having that bad of a day, sometimes it helps for bad things to just continue happening, you know what I mean? There is a twisted sense of victory in knowing that no, it isn't just coincidence that all these bad things are happening, this is just a cursed day.

"Cause you had a bad day... You sing a sad song just to turn it around" - Daniel Powter.

This is why I want to get into the fitness business. I would be helping people achieve there dreams and not only feel good, but feel good about themselves. There is happiness in exercise, and believe it or not, that is a scientific fact.

My sister has been getting upset with me because I don't spend enough time at home. Home, right now, is inhabited by Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Nathan, and myself. Most of the time, Carson and Gavin are there, accompanied by Jenni and/or Cory. When Laura and Niels aren't at work, they like to come visit too. These are the humans. now the dogs. We have Jules, Min-Ji, and Tori. Laura brings Liberty and Orion. Jenni sometimes brings Zoey. My grandparents have Mei-Ling and Makita. I am claustrophobic and with that many living things in one household, it gets crowded, and I can't breathe. It's not a good situation. This is why I haven't been home.

Random thoughts for the day: Roman numerals remind me of football. I'd like it to be football season now, please. I was harrassed by a June bug a couple of nights ago. It took advantage of my arms being way full and flew down my shirt.

Things I am thankful for: Guitars, even though I can't play. Any stringed instrument, really. Keychains. Snuggies. I wasn't thankful for taillights today, but then I started thinking about it, and now I am. Beaches and hammocks.

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