Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day and a Half

So I knew last night, when I didn't read my scriptures or pray for the first time in 7 months, that today would be a crappy day. Why didn't I just do it? Maybe it's because I felt like I deserved a crappy day.

My coworker... Well, no need to darken the Internet anymore with stories about her.

Also, I ran out of pixie sticks.

I went to play Rock Band with some old friends. We used to all go to First Ward together. We were the "Crew". It was a bunch of guys, and the Allred girls. We eventually branched off and went our own way but I like to occasionally get together with them. These guys are the ones that, we hung out, then I got a boyfriend. After that, they hated me. Let me rephrase: They hated me as a group. Individually, every last one of them told me that they liked me more than a friend, and the rest of the guys were the ones that hated me.

Spencer joined in playing Rock Band with us tonight. It was okay. Just the usual everyone-pick-on-the-only-girl-in-the-room night.

"Your best friend always sticking up for you, even when I know you're wrong" - Train

I finished reading my book. I always forget how much I enjoy reading. I need a new book to read. Any suggestions?

Random thoughts for the day: Before I took a shower tonight, I scooped up a moth that was on the wall and took it outside. Why do I go out of my way to save moths, yet out of my way to kill roaches? Because they are the devil, them roaches. I love tennis shoes, they always give me so much energy. It's true. I'm still trying to figure out what I did wrong tonight to make him mad at me.

Things I'm thankful for: Good friends who lift one another up. Forgiveness. Socks, of all kinds, really. Hot showers. Being able to curl up with a good book, in a comfy chair, under a lamp. And, last but not least, sleep.

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