Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doopy Doopy Doo

Wow, was Sunday's post scatterbrained or what! I guess that's what I get for taking two days to post the shortest post in the history of this blog. On top of which, attempting to write whilst watching dear Spencer play NCAA on the playstation.

Yesterday, I went inside of Rosa's Cafe instead of going through the drive-thru since there were more cars in the line than there was in the rest of the parking lot. As I was leaving, the lady said "Thank you sweetie!" and completely made my day. I mean, Spencer calls me sweetie, but it's a different sentimant coming from a stranger. :) Then I came back to work and realized that one unmentionable fellow employee would not be in to work for the rest of the day. Good day :)

I've decided to call this certain person my "fellow employee" as opposed to "coworker", seeing as how the word coworker implies that this certain individual actually tries to get along with me. Quite the opposite, actually, and she most certainly got a Mental Knuckle Sammwich to the face today.

Also, yesterday, I come home after work, go into the bathroom and see THIS little piece of work...

Sweet little Carson and Gavin. It took me longer to reroll this than it took for me to pee. I counted that as my good deed for the day. I've also counted drawing this picture as exercising and sharing my talents. I'm getting pretty good at the computer Paint business... lol

Institute was really good today! I couldn't exactly tell you all the things I learned and took to heart, but the Spirit was definitely there! We are studying the words of our prophets. I'm not exactly what the course is called, per se, but we are just going through the Ensign, going over talks given in General Conference. It's a really good class! We have an amazing teacher, Brother Merrill. Never met another one like him. I wouldn't have Institute any other way!

Random thoughts today:"Life's like a jump rope up, down, up, down, up, down, up down yeah, it will get hard, remember life's like a jump rope..." - Blue October
Also: Water skiing is harder than you could possibly think it is. Unless you've already been. Then you know. If you aren't hungry, don't eat. If you are full, stop eating. It's just extra poundage being put on because we feel compelled to finish our plate. Everyday I tell myself that I will exercise...tomorrow. Needless to say, I can't remember the last time I exercised. Sad day.

Things I'm thankful for: Fanta Red. Friends who remember that, although I'm not single, I am still a person that appreciates being invited to activites in the Singles Ward. Ear bud headphones. Youtube. Quartets, today, particularly the one called Rendezvous. Good examples.

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