Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

So special treat today! It's not even noon and already a post!

I like to pretend that I have about a billion followers who sit at their computers all day just waiting for a new post. So there might even be two posts today!

Last night was fantastic! It took me about an hour or two to make the lasagna, leaving no time to eat before needing to leave for the drive-in, of which we were a little later than we wanted to be. So as soon as the lasagna came out of the oven, we packed everything in, and put as many towels as we could on my lap and around the dish so the lasgna wouldn't burn me. 6'4" Spencer, a cooler, about a billion pillows and blankets, myself and a 9 X 13 lasagna dish all packed into a tiny Ford Ranger and drove to the drive-in. A-Team and Prince of Persia were showing. A-Team was amazing, but... Prince of Persia... some of the action was great, in the beginning (because that's all I saw), but after seeing the main character in The Day After Tomorrow, I just couldn't take him seriously in this movie. After I saw him pull his two swords out and smirk, deciding that he looked like a Ken (and Barbie) doll with longer hair, I promptly fell asleep. All in all, pretty darn good night. :)

I'm not sure what's in store for me today. I'll probably just head to Spencer's and watch the World Cup, USA v England, while eating leftover lasagna. I'm at work right now, and I can't believe how slow time is creeping by.

Speaking of work, I saw my coworker today and, although I feel bad, I grimaced in disgust. Remmeber the kissing cockroach preference? Same feeling. I've actually drawn a picture of her today. I've drawn pictures of her before as well...

OH it's sad how close I am to what she actually looks like! This is what she looks like today. Almost.

She is constantly having this boy come and bring her Sonic drinks at work. I call him her boy toy, seeing as how they aren't dating and he actually has another girl, a pregnant one at that. What a twisted world.

But enough of this dismally... putrid green subject. Full off... obsessions with peace signs, sonic drinks, hideous jewelry, pink zebra print, and sunglass that would fit on an elephants face. I just don't want to explode in her face. Isn't it always better to go behind people's backs when you have a problem with them? Yeah, I don't believe that, but she is a... unique case. Seeing as how I have never met a person that was so extremely selfish and incompetant in my life.

I did, however, change the water cooler for the first time today. By myself, no one's help or instruction. It's not that difficult, but I revel in the smallest victories :)

I suppose that will do for now. More to come tonight, I'm sure.


Spencer Rogers said...

wow babe, youre getting things posted early! i suppose thats what happens when youre at work and things are slow. faster than i am i suppose because i usually like to wait to see if anything interesting pops up during the day to write about! speaking of, i got my first comment yesterday!! haha i revel in small successes too!

sammandsuch said...

yay for first comments!!!

sammandsuch said...

i love you

sammandsuch said...

I'll get it right this time! Spencer Rogers...