Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh no!

Oh no! (Gotta go through it!)

I suppose it's a good thing that I don't have billions of fans sitting at their computers, just waiting for me to post. That would be a lot of starving people really needing to pee. Not to mention, what kind of mental damage it could have done, with such severe disappointment. I forgot to update for a second time that day, and yesterday. *gasp!* I know. I'll try to do better.

Today was a beautiful day! It only got up to about 86 degrees, and it rained! Oh, such a beautiful, fragrantly pleasant, summer rain! My favorite! Like candy to my nose. I just couldn't get enough of it!

Spencer and I went to FHE. They were supposed to be showing some church movie, but decided to wait and just play games, so we decided to take off and play our own games. We played catch and ran through the sprinklers (only because Spencer was such a good sport). Then, we went to Rosa's! (Only the best Mexican restaurant around!!!)

Afterwards we watched Enchanted, only the most cheesiest love movie Disney has put out. I love it, the main character is my favorite! She is so innocent and kind to everyone. And this is not Spencer's type of movie at aaalll....

"That's how I know he loves me" - Enchanted lol

He brought up a good point with me today. He brought up that a long time ago, we had talked about hiking or biking once the weather got warmer. Well, it's warmer! So I think I'm going to do a little research and get that all together :)

My random thoughts for the day: I hate roaches of any kind. They are the devil with six legs. "Respect the lei". I forgot to pick up the dime in the parking lot at Spencer's apartment. When you lose your car at Walmart, don't rush to the conclusion that it was stolen. Search the whole parking lot first...

Things I'm thankful for: Sports!!! Sprinklers. Spencer. Daises, which, although a very friendly and happy flower, ruins my Sp alliteration. Prayer, because with enough faith and determination, anything is possible. If you are willing to work and do all you can to get something, the Lord will help you the rest of the way. And mitts, because catching a baseball with your bare hands would hurt like a biff.

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