Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's Get Physical, Physical!

What a beautiful day! ("We're not scared")

After work, Spencer and I went to a park to eat hot dogs and s'mores with some friends, and just have a good time. It started out Shay and I (short for Shayla, only the most amazing person ever), we decided to throw a frisbee around. Well, that got me hankering for other sport activities.

One thing you should know about me, I love, love, love to exercise. I'm actually going to major in Exercise and Sports Science ... um... soon. So, I always like to be ready. And thanks to Past Samm, I had left my tennis shoes in the car, and some random socks in my bag, so I didn't have to play barefoot. Also, I keep a whole bag full of bats, mitts, bases, and a couple of softballs, then a volleyball, frisbees, hacky sac, tennis racquet and ball, racquetball racquet, basketball and yoga mat in my trunk. Soon to be added to the collection: soccer ball, football, and baseballs.

We ate some hot dogs and some s'mores, then went and played volleyball, did some yoga, hit a tennis ball around, and played some catch. I'd still be out there now if it weren't, you know, 25 minutes past midnight. It was a really good day today! On top of which, it started raining and putting on a lightning show for us, it was amazing. I mean, yoga in the rain? How much more rejuvanting can it get!?

My grandparent's got in town today as well. Exciting day! Plus, the Big 12 is no more! (basically). The conferences are being all jumbled and switched up so who knows what will happen! Ideally, I'd like Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahome State to join the Pac 10, but ... we'll see. Which reminds me... I better check if there have been any updates!

Random thoughts for today: I saw a retarded squirrel, it made me very sad inside. If you have to pee, don't go to a park and then decide you have to go; go before you leave. Some old, homeless men are real dirt bags and if they yell obscenities at my best friend again, I'll beat their face in.... with my Louisville Slugger I keep in my trunk at all times. And then cut his toungue out with the pocket knife I carry at all times, to save other girls from his dirty tongue.

"If you cross the road and a truck struck you, I'll scrape you up and reconstruct you, I'll cheer you up if your depressed, If you get murdered I'll avenge your death" - Flight of the Conchords

Things I am thankful for today: Yoga in the rain and lightning. Foot massages. Air conditioning. Preparedness. High fives. And living in the greatest state in the USA, my one and only Texas.

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