Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the Beginning.../Spencer's Birthday

In the Beginning

I've learned that if I just write in my journal, it becomes repetitive... Dull... Boring... Or I'll only write if something bad has happened and I need to get it off my chest. No one wants to read that! So, I've decided to make my journal public.

Now, don't get your hopes up. I won't be spilling all me deepest, darkest secrets. I just figure that if I make it to where other people will be reading this, then maybe in the future, I'll want to come back and read it myself, without being bored to tears. "Today, I woke up, work, home, movie, bed... uneventful, journal, talk to you tomorrow." Boring!

I don't expect anyone to really follow me. If they do, great! These might become extremely entertaining... But if I don't pretend like the world is reading them, then it'll go back to "Woke up, work, home, bed, goodnight" ... ... ... ... Boring!

Spencer's Birthday

Today was Spencer's birthday. For anyone who doesn't know, Spencer is my current other half, my beau, my sweetie cutie patootie. He turned 21 today!

I threw him a surprise party! I had this planned for months. I told him that, "Oh no! You're birthday is on a Wednesday, and that's the day that I do girls' night with my girls! I'll have to throw a party this weekend for making up missing your birthday! But don't worry, I have it set up to where Cory (my brother-in-law) will be taking you out for a guys night" After taking an extended lunch with him, playing the part that I wouldn't see him again today, I set off to work to finishing the last minute preparations for the party.

Needless to say, he was very surprised! It was so exciting! We ate food, played games, and opened presents. (Well...he did). I got him a movie, a cooler, and a fold-out camping chair to take with him when he goes tailgating in the Fall. P.S. I'm WAY excited for the Tech 2010 football season to start! By the way, I have a short attention span, even to myself. So if my posts ever jump around and don't make much sense, it's not you, it's me.

hehe. "Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down" - House of Pain.

My random thoughts for the day: I adore yoga. I wish I would do it more often. The last time I did yoga was May 31...aka too long ago!!! I love jelly beans, and could really go for some right about now. I also need to get back to playing the piano more often.

Things I'm thankful for today: My family, $0.69 bean burritoes at Taco Bell on Wednesdays (TBW!), my loving Spencer, wonderful friends, pixie sticks, extra long lunches, and lady bugs :)

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