Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, Mr. President, Nice Weather We're Having?

It's been a few days since I've posted! Crack-a-Slackin'.

These have been an interesting past few days! I've been thirstier than a fish in the Sahara, boy I tell you what! I drink water like nobody's business at work. My dilemma: cutting back on costs. My work recently stopped supplying us with water, and this kid came and took away out water cooler! (I say 'kid', even though he was probably the same age as me). So I've been having to bring water to work, (when I thankfully remember to actually bring it), and drinking sparingly until lunch, where I inevitably visit my good friend Rosa('s cafe), and buy my usual Fanta Red. I wish they sold that in bulk at the supermarket, I'd save so much money, and enjoy my Red Happy more often.

Also, President Manolo Sanchez will be visiting our branch today. Well, allegedly. We are just a drive-thru with four employees. We have three other branches in Lubbock, and he has come all the way from Spain to have a meeting with a select few employees. They said he would come by, but I'm a bit skeptical. If this man is visiting Lubbock, Texas, I'm pretty sure he has a lot on his plate, and a billion other places to go. I highly doubt he will come by just to meet us four women. Either way, I'm wearing my pants suit.

I only have two crossword puzzles left in my book here at work. It's a very sad day! I used to do the daily crossword puzzles and games on iGoogle, maybe I can resort back to those for a while. Gotta keep the brain pumping, even if my body is rotting away by sitting here all day. Plus the water deficienct, my brain is all I'll have left going for me if I'm not careful!

Not that I couldn't just drink tap water, but anyone who has ever tried Lubbock tap water knows. I'd probably be healthier just NOT drinking water. (just kidding, but my taste buds will be happier if I didn't).

It's been raining the past few days. I have a way of telling when it's going to rain a few days before it does. "Yes, Samm, we all do, it's called the meteorologist". But no, that is not how I tell. It's a secret, how I tell. Sort of like a magic trick, and magicians don't just go around parading their tricks, so why should I? :)

Random thoughts for the day: I love being spontaneous! And although I hate the decision process, I love once it is made, and carrying it through! Once I decided what my major was going to be, all has been fun and dandy. Before, though, it sucked.

Things I'm thankful for: Summer rain. Bottled water. Dreams. Icing. And blankets.


Delirious said...

Our water is pretty good for half of the year. But when the summer comes, and the river goes down, the ocean water starts to back up in to our fresh water and our water comes out tasting like a fish tank. The only problem is that we recently got a new faucet in our kitchen and haven't been able to figure out how to hook up our filter yet. I love ICE water. We have an ice maker (the freezer one is broken) and I have all the ice I want. :)

Spencer Rogers said...

the thing you need for Lubbock tap water is a nice lemon slice. haha but i know the feeling of feeling healthier by NOT drinking the tap water here. i love being spontaneous too!! so what about this weekend!?

Sammandsuch said...

Ice water does make it better, a bit, but no ice!

And we are definitely going last weekend! haha, but I had a really great time. AND, Mackenzie Park fireworks were canceled anyways, and the parade, so I'm EVEN MORESO glad we went :)