Friday, June 25, 2010

The Proposal

I have a confession: Last week, on TWO different occasions, I realized that I had put my underwear on inside out. Sad, I know. I guess I just need to start getting dressed with the light on, and waking up earlier. As opposed to waking up 10 minutes before work starts, I should wake up 15 minutes beforehand. Thankfully, I live 5 minutes from where I work! Three, if I hit all green lights!

So, recently, my ex-boyfriend's oldest sister invited me to his fiance's "Distant Bridal Shower"... Not the real one, but the "Hey, here is an address, send us a gift." For those that don't know, this is the ex that said "I want to marry you, let's date around to make sure. Oh, I found someone else". Honestly, though, I couldn't be happier, because I'm now dating someone 80 billion times better. Love you!

"I'm awesome""Dude, no you're not, don't lie"-Spose

So a man's proposal says a lot about his character. This particular ex's proposal says that he is a man who lives in the bathroom (true), is always late (true), and is constantly having to give things back that he took (true, true). He actually still owes me money. Not much, so consider that my wedding gift to them. Congrats. Oh, and he is constantly eating (very true).

On a happier note, USA plays Ghana tomorrow in the World Cup, and Spencer is hosting a game party. I'm excited! Then Germany plays on Sunday. Also, the 4th of July is coming up soon! My most favorite holiday, I think! I love the hot dogs, and the parade that gets me up way too early in the morning, the fireworks, the music, the fresh air, the walking, and getting to spend all that with Spencer this year, *sigh*, I can't wait!

I watched the Proposal at work today, ironically. I love Sandra Bullock! I don't think there is a single movie of hers that I've seen that I don't absolutely adore! I actually have Sandy's number... okay, so it might be her agent's phone number... but still! A friend of mine's sister shares a birthday with her, and he had me look it up. It's scary how easy it was to find...

The Rangers ruined their winning streak. Eleven games in a row, and they totally flubbed tonight's game. Flubbed... that's a word, right? Well, Noah Webster is a good friend of mine, he can throw it in the dictionary if it's not.

I'm so excited for tomorrow! Busy day, but fun fun fun!

Random thoughts of the day: If my name were Peter Piper, I'd totally pick peppers everyday. Pecks of them. Of the pickled persuasion. I'd also live in the seashore if my name were Sally. Have a seashell collection. But if I were a woodchuck, I wouldn't chuck would, would I? Just sounds painfully splintery.

Things I'm thankful for: That my name isn't Peter, Sally, or woodchuck. Sports. Sandra Bullock. Jelly Beans. Puzzles. Hoodies. AND toenail clippers. Gross, but very true. Life would be grosser without them.


Spencer Rogers said...

thats a very nice rendition of how the 4th of july is going to go down! i cant wait either! especially when we do our own fireworks!

Delirious said...

That reminds me of the "office" episode I saw tonight. Erin finds out that Andy was engaged to Angela and is really upset. Pam says something like, the past doesn't matter. Your heart was just doing the best it could until it found something better. or something like that... lol

Sammandsuch said...

haha I love the Office! And Erin says something like, Good luck with that, Pam, or something lol I love the Office! I already said that...

And I've never done fireworks like that before, thanks for that experience!!!

Hannah said...

This made me laugh...but only because I know exactly what you're talking about!