Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 6: Go Big or Go Home

This is the half-way point. I said twelve weeks and this is week six.

I'm not going to lie, with the wedding also being six-seven weeks away, keeping up with this blog every week has been tough. I set the standard in my mind too high for myself. I want to give detailed workouts, but truth be told, this kind of thing is  too personal for generalities. Also, physical things are best learned in 'person'. Kind of makes sense. ;)

So this week is just a tip. Much like how I want to just quit this blog, you are going to want to quit working out. It's going to seem too hard. You are going to get lazy and want to go back to what's "easy". That's not ever going to cut it! No matter what you do!

Science By Samm fact, the truth of the matter is, the work you do AFTER you want to give up is the most rewarding. Whenever you are doing pushups and you tell yourself "I can't do one more. I'm done. This is it, this is my limit, *crash*", that is when I know you have more in you to do! And that is when you build your muscles and get the most out of doing pushups. This applies to each individual exercise, stretch, or even entire workout. Feel like you are going to faceplant on the treadmill if you run one more second? Run another minute! You can! I know you can! Our bodies and minds are connected. You think you know your limits because maybe you aren't used to pushing yourself. So your mind says "Oh no! Stop! This is as far as you can go, I remember!" Well, that was last time, and you've grown since then! Push those thoughts away and push yourself foward and get the most out of Your workout!


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