Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 5: Yoga!

I adore yoga!! It's peaceful, it's relaxing, but at the same time, it'll make you pant, grunt, and sweat!

For those of you who may have tried P90X, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Now the computer I'm on today is being temperamental, and I don't want to do a whole post and then lose it because of technical problems.

Which is why I chose yoga this week! It's so personal, only you know You! And yoga is all about union, whether it be with you and You, with you and Him, or you and nature. Whatever you care to unionize with.

There's no greater tool for this, in my opinion, than making your own Yoga Journal. I love this thing! You design your own workouts according to You! You can design multiple workouts and title them! "Monday", "Wednesday", and "Friday; "Morning" and "Night", or maybe even by mood of "I'm Feeling Strong Today" and "Gimme a Break".  This is how I use it, anyway. You just build "sequences", and you can name them for what the positions look like or even what part of the body you work.

Yes, it's about union, but it's also about staying flexible and toned (the general "use" of yoga in America). You know where your weaknesses and your strengths are. Do you have weak knees? Do you have strong arms? Work on your weaknesses, but keep up your strong points. "Balance" is very punny in yoga, meaning you use it in more than one way.

Go make your own personalized Yoga Journal ! It has a ton of poses and ideas to make the best of your yoga experience! It has pictures and detailed descriptions on how to do it. Go make the best You!


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