Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November, Where'd Ya Go?

So I realized that I haven't posted much. Hmm... But I did post at least once a month since I got this thing.

Wait! What about November? Man it flew by!

I found this thing on facebook where it tells all of my status updates of 2010. So, to make up for November, I'll just tell all of my status updates. For documentation purposes, I'm not going to edit any of them, or add or subtract any. :)

*Samantha Allred is sitting by a slowly-progressing-delusional fiance and almost brother-in-law with a broken finger. Come on Covenant, let's hurry this up. 5 hours and counting is more than enough to splint a finger.- Nov 2, 3:04am

*Not that I'm complaining but I've spent a third of my class waiting on my teacher to finish up with another student. Granted, it is a 30 minute class, but... Really?? - Nov 2, 10:12am

*Samantha Allred is loving this Forte :) has it for at least a week. - Nov 4,  8:46am

*I -would- sprain my thumb after giving Preston Rogers such a hard time. Sorry broski.- Nov 4 7:44pm

*Wreck em Tech! Please don't get mauled by the Tigers... - Nov 6, 6:41pm

*OH MY GOSH WE'RE WINNING!!!!! Nov 6, 9:29pm

*OH MY GOSH WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!# Nov 6, 10:32pm #I shortened the number of !!s.

*Samantha Allred feels like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any second. Will someone come and clip the red wire? Or is it the blue one? Nov 7, 4:48pm

*"There are no tigers in South America! Zoology..." Nov 13, 11:41am

*Scoring on the first drive against the Sooners! Haven't done that since New Mexico this season. Nov 13, 2:54pm

*Sorry Davis, that was the line. You are now Butterfingers. - See Spencer's tweet- lol.- Nov 13, 3:00pm

*...*sigh* ... -Nov 13 4:06pm

*Well we couldn't have two in a row. Time to start the lasagna. - Nov 13 6:04pm

*These "q" and "a" statuses make me 'q'ueasy and 'a'nnoyed. Please stop. If you have a question, post it on their wall or send a message. - Nov 16 8:29pm

*My computer has a website blocked because it was categorized as "Education"....? Lol that stinks. - Nov 17, 4:06pm

*If my bosses knew what I have to put up with when it comes to my coworkers, and how well I put up with it, I would get a huge raise. Or new coworkers. - Nov 22, 5:06pm

*"It smells like Christmas..." "Like apple?" *hold out hand* "Yes! That's the lotion I wore 2 Christmases ago! ...Why are you wearing it?" "I thought it was soap." Nov 23, 8:38am

*Samantha Allred is thankful for Spencer. Even if I had the world to give him I wouldn't because he deserves more than that, :) ♥ - Nov 25, 1:11pm

*Samantha Allred is thankful for Spencer, my sweetheart who is always willing to gas up my car so I don't have to get out. That's right, thankful for something AFTER Thanksgiving. I love you Spencer!-Nov 27, 11:09am

*Samantha Allred is on the road, headed home so we can make it to Dad's birthday dinner. Happy birthday! Nov 28, 12:48pm

* Home again, home again. Nov 28, 6:12pm

I hope you enjoyed them! I'm thankful for Bruno Mars and Spencer. And the end of the semester!! Almost here....

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