Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, I most definitely need to blow of the dust on this blog! I knew I wouldn't be getting to it as much but I most definitely still need to post!

I have a theory.

There are two types of people in the world. :Those that do good and reap the rewards, and those that do nothing and expect rewards anyways. The tricky thing about this world is that sometimes, those that do good, they don't see the rewards, and those that do nothing, they see what they think are rewards but really aren't.

Confused yet?

I mainly think of my coworker as an example. She is the Do Nothing type of person. She is 25, out of college, out of her parents house and on her own. yet her parents are still paying for virtually everything. They paid for her car, her rent, her gas, her food, everything except her cell phone and maybe things like getting her nails done or clothes. One time, I heard her saying that she went to her parents for money. What do you need it for, they asked. For me, she responded. Her mother said no, so her father slipped her $200 while her mother wasn't looking.  This was inevitably spent on getting her hair done, her nails done, and... no, that's all, that probably would have used it up, knowing her.

I don't mean to judge. She is just the type to do nothing and expect what she wants in return. She feels like she is getting the rewards of life without having to work for it. This poor thing, though, to think that it'll work forever! I dread the day, for her, that her parents cut her off, or something happens and she is left scrambling, not knowing how to defend herself in and against the world. By doing nothing, she is reaping nothing, she just doesn't know it yet.

The opposite can be said. I have another coworker who is kind and compassionate. She works for everyone else and thinks little of herself. She doesn't wear the fancy clothes my other coworker wears; shes doesn't get her nails done, or her hair done; on the outside, she looks ordinary and plain .Not to me, though. Not to everyone that knows her. She is younger than my other coworker, yet she has a wonderful husband and two great kids. Life isn't easy, and she may not feel like she is rewarded for her hard work. I, however, am looking at her life on the outside, and can see the many ways that she is rewarded.

Now do you understand?

Sidenote: Do Nothing people are not lazy! (They can be, but this is not what makes them a Do Nothing) Do Nothing people are inconsiderate and don't do anything for anyone but themselves.

What I've noticed is that these two types of people don't get along.  The Do Good person tries to get along with the Do Nothing person, until they realize that the Do Nothing person does nothing. The Do Nothing person doesn't care whether the Do Good person gets along with them or not, as long as they are doing good for them. Poor Do Gooder realizes they are being walked over and stops going the extra mile for Do Nothing. Do Nothing realizes this and takes it as a personal hit and makes life miserable for Do Good.

I think I've been too much detail into that from a personal experience, but you get the gist. I think many Do Good people out there would agree with me. Many Do Nothing people would argue adamently. This, however, would be a sign that my theory is spot on.

For all you Do Goods out there: Don't worry about a thing. Keep doing what you are doing. It may seem hard, and you may not see any end results immediately, but they will come and you will be so grateful that you stayed Good.

For all you Do Nothings out there: Try doing good for someone else. You might find you enjoy it. whether you want to admit this to yourself or not.

I think I'm doing theorizing for now. Have a great day and Do Good for someone today!

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