Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wall, Stall, and Volleyball

I have a pet peeve that never fails to irk me. Usually, some pet peeves, I can 'patience' through it. But this one drives me up the wall. I'll go to greet a customer, and the conversation goes a bit like this.

Me: Hi, how are you?
Customer: I'm doing well, how about yourself?
Me. I'm...
Customer: (interjects) I'd like a deposit slip please.
Me: ... okay.

Why ask me how I'm doing if you aren't even going to let me answer? I get that you don't care whether my day is going horrifically or not, but if you are going to ask, at least do me the common courtesy of letting me answer. Especially if your next words are asking a favor from me.

So I went into the bathroom at Rosa's and headed for the handicapped stall. Then I thought, well oh no Samm! What if a handicapped person comes in and needs this stall? So I went to the smaller stall and realized why I head to the handicapped stall. I'm claustrophobic! That stall was so tiny! I wanna breathe when I pee, thank you very much! So I told myself, okay, handicapped stall it is, and I'll just hurry!

So my favorite football player is not longer at Texas Tech, and was recruited by the Dallas Cowboys. I think I've already said this, but that's okay. Jamar Wall!!! I think I'm actually going to watch the NFL this season. I like the NCAA better, I find it more personable and entertaining. But Wall's my boy! Some people probably see my Tech t-shirt I have now and think "Here's another girl, just wearing the shirt to wear a Tech shirt. I bet she doesn't even know who number 3 is." Well, they would be right. I don't have a clue. It used to be Wall though, and I'll wear it to remember his Tech days. :)

I'm looking forward to playing sand volleyball tonight. I'm actually losing weight with all this activity in sports! Dodgeball, some catch with a baseball and football, and tonight, volleyball! Granted, it's only a pound or two, but I didn't have to pants-dance into my work pants today so I was excited. I've been putting some chub on, especially around the middle. I should start running again. How can I expect future clients to keep weight off if I can't even do it myself?

Things I'm thankful for: Sports :). Acting like a kid whenever I darn well please. 5- layer burritoes. A boyfriend who loves Tex-Mex as much as I do. Tennis shoes. And boy howdy am I thankful for deodorant!! But not as thankful as the ones around me! lol jk


Spencer Rogers said...

you're my favorite!

Amber said...

I always use the handicap stall - I like lots of room too :)