Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last night, I went in to the bathroom and saw a nasty monster roach by the tub. I'm not wearing shoes, I don't even think I was wearing pants, actually, so I was definitely in a pickle. So, following my insticts of course, I grab the hair spray can, spray the jeepers out of that creeper, and attempt to smash him under the can. However, the bottom of the can isn't flat, and roaches never die. When I tried a second time, I trapped him under there and decided that would suffice. So, family, if there is a hair spray can on the floor, you better be wearing shoes or have some alcohol ready to squirt that sucker.

I got in bed last night and got ready to go to sleep when I realized something. My blanket was sideways. I want to set up a night vision video camera and just watch myself sleep, because every night I have to re-fix my blanket the right way, and every morning, it's sideways again.

I'm a pretty quirky person though. I guess it's a good thing that Spencer had his quirks too. :)

Samm: Always has to check the mailbox before she walks in the door, no matter what time of day or night.
Spencer: Always has to take his shoes off after he walks in the door.

Samm: Has to have the short straws at restaurants, if they have them. If not, she cuts them down.
Spencer: Has to wrap any food wrappings within one another, and always like wrapping up a diaper. Good practice, I suppose. :)

Samm: Always has to walk on Spencer's left.
Spencer: Always has to interlock fingers when holding hands with Samm.

Samm: Always checks the time, even if she has no where to be.
Spencer: Always checks the score, even if he doesn't care about the game.

Samm: Makes it her outside mission to kill every roach in sight.
Spencer: Won't kill a roach. It's not necessary.

Samm: Parks as far as possible from her destination. Leg appreciation day!
Spencer: Parks as close as possible. "VIP up in this mug!"

Samm: Constantly makin up new words and claiming she is calling Noah Webster to put it in the dictionary.
Spencer: Constantly correcting Samm's terrible grammar.

Samm: Couldn't stay away from Spencer since their first date. ♥
Spencer: Couldn't stay away from Samm since their first date. ♥

I had an ex who used to call me 'broken' because of all my quirks. Well, I guess Spencer is broken too :)
This whole post is random, so things I'm thankful for: Hair spray, even though I never, ever use it for my hair. Finger nail polish remover, for the times I need to get myself feeling like a tomboy again. Jackie Chan. Space heaters, even though it's summer and high 90 degrees outside.


jenni.lemons said...

Not sure which "EX" but broken you are not! :) And glad he's an ex...muah!

Amber said...

Cute post! is there an engagement on the horizon? ;)